Color Numbers and Product Codes

Our Venetian beads generally follow the following coloring scheme and numbering described below. We attempt to give beads product codes which will help both you and us identify them quickly.

As far as colors go, with beads, like carpet runs, each batch of canes produced by Effetre Murano glass will vary slightly and reds are the most difficult of all the colors. Like cooking in your kitchen the temperature that day, the humidity and even how you feel will affect the outcome, beads do vary slightly in coloring. Due to our volume, we dual source many of the popular beads, so slight variations are the norm but it helps us keep the beads in stock. Our beadmakers say the glass has a personality and mind of its own and that each day the glass is different.

We are standardizing the colors so that you can select from a variety of sizes, shapes and styles beads which will compliment each other in your jewelry by searching for specific color codes. Note that the same transparent color takes on a different shade over 24kt gold foil, a softer glow and over sterling silver it becomes brighter. Transparent colors over white gold foil are more subtle than over sterling silver.

For Searching, you may type in the Search Box, the color names such as: crystal, pink, green, topaz or even better type in the color code such as G1 for all items which are crystal over 24kt gold foil.

HINT: A code with and "L" at the end means it is a light of that color and with an "S" means that it is dark for example G4L is a light blue and G8S is a dark amethyst or purple color. Color codes like G57 have both Topaz and Green in them and G516 is Topaz and Black.

Color Code

Venetian Bead Colors Names

Color Sample Silver Foil Gold Foil Codes White Gold
1 Crystal, Cristallo, Clear or White
S1 G1 WG1
2 Pink, Rosa, Peach
S2 G2 WG2
3 Herb, Verde, Green, Peridot
S3 G3 WG3
4 Bluino, Pervinca, Blue, Sky Blue
S4 G4 WG4
5 Topaz
S5 G5 WG5
6 Aqua
S6 G6 WG6
7 Emerald, Forest
S7 G7 WG7
8 Amethyst, Purple
S8 G8 WG8
9 Red, Rosso
S9 G9 WG9
10 Steel, Grey, Acciaio
S10 G10 WG10
11 Cobalt, Cobalto, Lapiz
S11 G11 WG11
12 Jonquil, Gaggia
13 Cranberry, Garnet, Deep Red, Ruby Red
S13 G13 WG13
14 Celeste
S14  G14  WG14
15 Orange, Persimmon
S15 G15 WG15
16 Black, Nero
S16 G16 WG16
17 Aquamarine (a pale aqua)
S17 G17 WG17
18 Lilac, Alessandrite (a pale purple or lavender) Appears different indoors & natural light
S18 G18 WG18
19 Rubino, Hot Pink
S19 G19 WG19
20 To be named
S20 G20 WG20
21 Turquoise, Turkese

S21 G21 WG21
22 Salmon
S22 G22 WG22
23 Fuchsia
S23 G23 WG23
24 Champagne, Tan, Beige
S24 G24 WG24
25 Viola
26 Verde Marino, Lagoon, Sea Foam
S26 G26 WG26
27 Yellow
S27 G27 WG27
28 Luna Blue,Blue Inchiostro
S28 G28 WG28
29 Firebrick
S29 G29 WG29
Color Codes Millefiori Names (Lace Beads) Sample Color Color Codes Multi Millefiori Sample Color
212 Pink Lace Flower
Millefiori Lace Bead Pink
700 Transparent Multi
310 Blue Lace Flower
Venetian Millefiori Lace Bead Blue
701 Green Multi
312 Aqua Lace Flowers
702 To be named TBN
313 White Lace Flowers
703 Green Cornflower
314 TBN
704 Blue Cornflower (Cobalt)
316 Topaz Lace Flowers
735 White Multi
317 Amethyst (Purple) Lace
736 Black Multi
733 Black with White Lace Flowers
738 Cobalt Multi
739 Red Multi
When we began in 1993 we mostly sold at shows so numbering products was not important. However, when we went on the web in 1998 under we began a numbering system. We had a relatively small inventory so we were not strict with our codes, we numbered things after our beadmakers children, canals or boat stops. When we opened in 2000 we began to structure our product codes. Now with over 15,000 product codes in stock and an alpha/numerical picking and packing system, we are standardizing the products for searching ease.
For example if you are searching for the following items.

Heart 12 mm in size, type in H-12 or simply H-1 will show results of size 12 - 19mm hearts
Square 20 mm in size type in SQ20 typing in simply SQ will result in all squares. Note that our search is not case sensitive so: Heart or HEART or heart will generate the same results. You can search in parts of a word or just the beginning of a Product Code.

Shape /Size Search for:   Styles Search for:
Butterfly FAR or BF or Butterfly   Abstract ABS
Coin CN or Disc   Aveneturina AVV or AV or SOM
Cross Cross   Blown BL or Blown
Disc Disc or D1, D2, D3   Ca'd'Oro CD- or CLU
Fish Fish   Dots LEOP, DOT
Flower or Tulip Rose, Tulip, Fiori   KLIMT GMUL or KLIMT
Hearts Heart or H1, H2, H3 or H4   Miro MIRO

Disc or Lentil

  Missoni MIS or Missoni
Oval OV or Oval   Pendant Pendant
Round R6, R06 for additional sizes, type in R1 or R2   Splashes Splash, LEOP, DOT
Square or Box Square or Box SQ or SQ1 SQ2   Stripes TIG or STRIP or ZZ
Star Star   Twist or Leaf Twist, Leaves, FOG (foglia in Italian means leaf)
Triangle TR or Triangle   Zig Zag ZZ or Swirl
Tube Tube   Bicolor BIC
Twist or Leaf Twist or FOG or Leaf      

This is an evolving process and we welcome your suggestions for additional search hints, so email us and we will be happy to incorporate your suggestions.