We provide you with our suggestions to match those of Pantone and Swarovski, industry leaders and our recommendations of our authentic Murano Glass Beads as inspiration.

Spring 2018
We have matched Pantone Colors for Spring 2018 with our large selection of Venetian Beads and Swarovski Crystals for ideas for your Spring designs. There are a total of 12 colors, here are the first seven colors. Have fun!  For a complete list of our suggested beads, Click Here

Spring/Summer 2017
For a quick look at Pantone's Colors for the upcoming season and how you can use our Venetian Glass Beads, take a look here.

Click here or on the picture to go to the full color chart or click here for a printable PDF.
Spring 2017 Color Suggestions

Fall 2016 
To see all colors and link directly to our Venetian Beads, click on the image below.
Fall 2016 Colors

Spring 2016 
We've matched our Murano Glass Beads to Pantone's Colors for Spring. For a Printable PDF, Click Here 
To see all colors and link directly to our Venetian Beads, click on the image below.
VenetianBeadShop Selected Beads for Spring 2016

Fall 2015 Swarovski Color Projections Click for a Printable PDF with the Swarovski's selection of Crystals to match the colors of Fall.
Swarovski Colors for Fall 2015

Fall and Winter 2015 Colors Matched with Swarovski Crystals and Authentic Murano Glass Beads Click Here for Printable PDF
Fall Pantone Colors with Venetian Beads

Spring2015  - Click Here or on the Color Chart to see all Colors and Matching Beads
Pantone and Swarovski Color Trends Spring 2015

Fall2014 and Winter 2015 Pantone Colors matched with Swarovski Crystal Elements and our authentic Venetian Glass Beads
Fall Colors 2014 Swarovski, Pantone and Venetian Beads

Sping2014 Pantone Colors paired with Venetian Beads and Swarovski Elements

Pantone Color of the Year 2014:
Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health. (from Pantone)
For a selection of matching Venetian Beads, click on the picture.

Pantone Fall 2013 Matched with Swarovski Elements and Venetian Beads
For a look at the colors and selected beads for designing, click on the picture
Fall 2013 Pantone Color Projections
Swarovski Spring and Summer 2013 Here's the Swarovski Spring and Summer picks of color matched to our authentic Venetian Glass Beads to help you select the beads to make your jewelry. You can see all the colors at a glance and then select the palette you prefer by clicking on the picture to find all the supplies you need to create your perfect spring and summer baubles.
Color Projections Spring and Summer 2013