How do I change my account information? How do I change my password? These are common questions we get, and you can do all of it yourself by following the directions below. 1) First login to your account: Click on the "My Account" (It's at the top of each page) This is a very powerful page giving you the ability to do many things, and best of all you can view it from any computer, just login to your account.

Change your password

How to Change Your Password on VenetianBeadShop

Add additional shipping destinations
Add a New Ship To Address
View Status Or Reorder from a prior order  (Only one order will load into the card - it's not possible to combine multiple prior orders into one cart.)
See Status of Your Order or ReOrder from Old Order on VenetianBeadShop
Ask VenetianBeadShop a question - and have a history of questions/answers (read from any computer, just login) Better than email!
Ask a Question, Keep Track of your Questions to VenetianBeadShop
Check the balance on a gift certificate
Check the Balance of a Gift Certificate Anytime
Change your Basic Information, Moved - No Problem, Here's How
Moved, No Problem, Here's How to Change your Account Information on VenetianBeadShop