Learn how the components in the jewelry you wear daily are made.  Enjoy the history of the costume jewelry industry. Visit a Silver Factory in Italy.
Each piece of jewelry you wear consists of many small components, some barely visible, but they begin with the handwork of artisans around the world.  We concentrate on the artisans of Italy, Venice for our glass, Vicenza and Arrezzo for our silver components.  These tiny pieces make long journeys to become part of your life.
Gold Leaf Production  An industry which has barely changed in centuries,born  in the heart of Florence Italy, these craftsmen continue the production of gold leaf for artist around the world.

Painted Glass Beads  (Now sometimes called Glass Pearls) once were a major production in Venice, spurred on by the demand for costume jewelry from the Milano Fashion Industry. No wonder some of the names for the beads mirror those of the Fashion designers of Paris and Milano.

Vicenza: Visit a Silver Factory: The Gold and Silver City of Italy. There are two cities in Italy which bring immediately to mind Gold and Silver production, Vicenzo and Arrezzo (also famed by the highly acclaimed film, "La Vita e Bella" (Life is Beautiful) which was filmed in this warm sunny city not too far from Florence. And generally if a company has a location in one, they have at least an office in the other.

Wire Gauges and Conversions - Making sense of the jargon of wire. Print this and keep it with you if you are new to wires. In Wire the lower the number the larger the diameter, just remember that.
Cubic Zirconia - In search of  lasers - a jewelry component is born. The history of how we get many jewelry components is interesting. Who knew that research into lasers
California State Requirements for Children's Jewelry  New Law in effect Jan 2012, we call this the fine print!