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Hi Brenda, just wanted to let you know that you have caused singing and whooping in the house down by the Thames in London, with the arrival today of the latest package. I haven’t had a chance to check it all through in detail but yet again, I am just thrilled with these exquisite beads. They are little works of art and a thousand congratulations to your beadmaking team; I have been making jewellery and sourcing beads for decades and have never found such quality work, either in the UK or Italy. Even some of the beautiful vintage Murano beads I have from my grandmother’s and mother’s good shopping trips (1920s to 1950s) can barely equal them, and that’s saying something. Eli 8-15-16

Thank you for the beautiful beads! I love looking at them. Also, I enjoy your blog so much. Closest to Venice I will ever get, it's nice to have a 1st person's eye view. RB 5-13-16

The beads in my last orders were absolutely beautiful! Thanks and have a nice day! B R, Florida 3/18/16

Just wanted to congratulate you on your lovely website and webshop, products and service. Overseas delivery fee and speed are unbeatable, thanks for making this accessible to us bead-lovers abroad! Danielle  12-16-15

I am loving the great prices for shipping to New Zealand. I can buy more beads....thank you!  Ruth 6-16-15

Thank you so much!  Your people are always so helpful, I've called in the past with questions and you are so easy to work with - I've referred you to a lot of friends in the jewelry-making business.  I look forward to our continued business together. Leslie 5-22-15

My customers love what I do w/Venetian beads. So glad I found you! Lorraine 3-15

Hi Brenda, Just to let you know that all my precious beads are well arrived: The 2 largest beads are so wonderful and so original! Congratulation for this incredible work! So many thanks, B/France. 2-16-15

It was a great pleasure to meet you earlier this week. You are indeed at the top of the field here in America. I will send you photos of the beads I am interested in commissioning ( just a very few). Again, it was great delight to meet you. Katie G 1/23/15

Your site is super easy to operate and your Customer Service is awesome! 12-5-14 Alexis, VA

I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11-28-14  PK/NC

Hi Brenda. Thanks for the discount. It's been 12 years and my clients continue to love Venetian! Marcella 10-7-14

I want you to know how much I appreciate Venetian Beads.  My work and sales would not be possible without it.  Thank you for your inventory, your terrific information on Venice and your continuing education.  I've been to Murano twice and fell in love with Venetian beads while watching the artists at work.  You bring Venice home to me and all my customers. All the best,   Linda 9/14

Good Day -- Your beads are absolutely gorgeous! It's so hard to decide which to purchase as they are all lovely. Thanks so much for carrying these special "treasures" and for your wonderful customer service. Much appreciated....Debbie/CA 3/14

Ladies and Gents from VenetianBeadShop.  So many thanks for your email. I am looking forward to the parcel to arrive. It's a pleasure to deal with your company. Every item is beautiful and has high quality. Best wishes for next year 12/13 M/Argentina.

.. love your business... been with you since my business started...best wishes to you all..hope to come to California soon and buy direct from the factory. Joan Canada 8-28-13
Hi Brenda, Continue to enjoy doing business with you. It's going on 11 years and my clients just love your Venetian. MC, CA  5-23-13
Hi, just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for my recent order - it's the first time I've used you as a supplier and I was really impressed with the speed and quality of your service - not to mention that you provide much better value for money compared to my UK suppliers - I'll be coming back for more stock in the future. May 13/StarS
Thanks VBS I am very impressed with your great service
Best/ FC
Thank YOU.
It's always a pleasure doing business with you./GP
Exquisite Beads! JU/CO
Continue to love your website and products..a very user friendly and beautiful website.
Subject : Bead Bliss!!
Message : I am so delighted to find your magical bead store!!
Thank you, thank you!!
Hi Venetian Bead Shop
Have just received our 1st order and are absolutely delighted with the quality and speed of Shipping.
Hope this will be the 1st of many.
Michele - Australia
Grazie Mille!
Lo so Che tuo prodotti serebbe  bellissimi

Thanks very much for my second lot of beads, arrived yesterday. Very pleased indeed.   I ordered ones that I hadnt seen on any bead website in the UK. I like to be different. Whether anyone else will like them is another matter - but they ought to!

At least I know my beads are really from Venice.not China. All these ghastly ones advertised everywhere as Muranonot even Murano style it ought to be stopped. They are making enough fuss about Cheddar cheese having to come from Cheddar and Champagne coming from the right region in France!
Susan - UK
I received my beautiful order today. As always, the beads & candy cane hearts are so beautiful. I love the Venetian beads & have been trying, over the last few years, to collect the authentic old beads. As you know it is getting harder & harder to find them. But, the hunt can be fun. . I would love to visit the island & see the beads in the making. But, I know that will not happen for me (I hate to leave the house much less the country!), but I enjoy all the information & pictures you post.
Regina  buried in the snows of Kansas
I just wanted to thank you. What a beautiful company you have created. I am honored to be a new wholesale customer. I have adored Murano glass beads ever since I was a littlle girl. Many trips to Italy later, I learned so much. As a jewelry designer now, Venetian glass beads are my favorite to work with. One day I dream of living in Italy! Thank you again for creating your amazing company!

Hi VBS, just a quick note to say that order has arrived safely.  Thanks much for your careful packaging - beads are lovely :-) All the best, Bea (Somewhere over the Rainbow)
Hi, I just received my order VBS # XXXX and I a VERY HAPPY.  I just stopped making gorgeous earrings with them to tell you, Wendy, NJ
Hello Melanie,
I have just finished unpacking my order, and everything is wonderful (well apart from those emerald green hearts which are just plain ugly, but that's not your fault)  I appreciate you taking so much time to get my order just right.
I am over the moon with my beads, thank you very much indeed, pat on the back for you and go straight to the top of the class. Lee - UK
HI VBS, The gorgeous bead arrived yesterday in perfect order.  Many thanks for your
brilliant service.  Diana, Australia
Buongiorno a Voi!  I absolutely LOVE your gorgeous beads.  With times as touch as these,
I'm not able to buy as much as I would like, but I'm sure that I'll be a customer for quite
some time!  Ciao a tutti!  (Hubby is from  Italy).  We lived there for six
yrs.  However, Venice is my favorite city!  Venezia Bella!  Suzanne,
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much for that perfect business. I
received my order this morning.
I will do business with you again
Ursula - Germany
You are absolutely THE VERY BEST! I truly appreciate your efforts to get my order out.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!
Judy , OK
The stunning beads have arrived in perfect order.  Many thanks for your marvellous service.
Best wishes to you all. Diana - GB
I just haven't found anyone who can compete with you guys for what I need!
Thanks very much!  Judy NB
Just love your service and selection--I'm going crazy here!  Renee, VA
Re how I heard about you - it must have been divine intervention! Hi
Melanie!  Laura, VA
Thanks for the free shipping-- really helps and makes me return to shop without
worrying about the shipping costs!  Gayland, HI
Your site was easy to navigate. I likes your variety of beads. Lynn, NE
I'm very excited to start working with you! Your bead selection is amazing and the ease of orderin online makes it a pleasure. Sincerely, JG, CA
Aah your beads a so beautiful. They look lovely on our porcelain & gold necklaces.  BH, UK
Can't wait =) Thank you! ca
Your beads are just exquisite. Well done! uk

Ladies and Gents from the VenetianBeadShop team, I'm very pleased to have received my last purchase. Thanks for the promptitude it arrived, Sincerely MEG