Venice Italy Gondola Waiting
For your enjoyment, these are some of the festivals in Venice, Scenes from High Water in Venice and other traditions.  Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, unique in every way.  There are no cars in Venice, public transportation is the vaporetto or taxi and the occasional traghetto (a boat which you can cross the grand canal standing up) which crisscross the Grand Canal to aid it's citizens daily life. 
The pictures you see here we took ourselves during our work in Venice.  There are a lot about high water because it is so amazing when the water silently rises invading this beautiful city.  It's been a part of their life for so long, but it is still quite an inconvenience. When it snows we can't resist making pictures as Venice is a remarkably beautiful city, but in snow it is etheral, perfect in every way for going in a snow globe!

Read our Blog all about Venice  Get the news and stories about Venice and Murano, We give you a local perspective, not the tourist view as we have worked here more than 2 decades.  

Winter Wonderland Venice 

High Water October 2012 - Scenes and Sights from Venice & San Marco Square when the water crept into the piazza. 
Winter Icy Scenes in Venice 2012 - A Rare occurrence, the lagoon begins to freeze over admist preparations for Carnival 2012. Great night shots in San Marco Square. The music is "Winter" by Vivaldi, appropriate as Vivaldi was born in Venice.

High Water November 2004 High water and high winds made working difficult. The trek from our apartment to Murano was difficult, boots were required and the wind was howling. Good thing there are a couple of stops for a cappuccino.

High Water December 2008  This was one of the highest in recent times. Strada Nuova was flooded and the sidewalks of Murano disappeared. This is scarey to walk as you are never sure if you might fall into the canals.

Altino, The Origins of Venice 
  Learn how the original Venetians arrived in the Lagoon. They were hearty people who fled the invading huns for the marshy lagoon in small boats. They were also wise and creative, knowing that the huns would not chase them out in the water. Who knew such a beautiful city would arise from such a humble and desperate beginning.

Enjoy the Scenes of Snow in Venice   When it snows the city stops. The streets and bridges become icy and dangerous. But it is truly beautiful. Venice is magical in the snow, picturesque always but with snow, it is captivating.

Venetian Mask  Take a look at the history of the Venetian Mask (a must for Carnivale). The mask is steeped in tradition and 

Carnival - The Venetian Party  Take a look at costumes.

Celebrating Christmas in Venice - Enjoy the magic of this city with Christmas Lights and Scenes

Transportation in and to Venice:  How to arrive from Marco Polo to Venice, Choices of Tickets for the Vaporetto