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The go-to spring color palette for your spring beading projects

Spring means the onset of new life on earth. It’s all about colorful and beautiful flowers, sunny surroundings, lush greenery, warmth, and a hue of colors around. The spring color palette is in full bloom in nature and so should be in your work. 

Colors affect the way we perceive things. They affect our mood. They also act as a stimulus to the psychology with which we see everyday things. The warmth, coziness, and liveliness that spring brings in one’s life should be reflected in your next beading project of the spring.

Whether you wear your creations yourself, are making some for a project, or are even making for your business, be aware of the latest and most sought-after spring color palette. The shades of various spring colors will help you bring in an ushering freshness in your work. 

Knowledge of these colors will help you determine the impact they will leave when someone sees them. It will also help you bring in a more vivid and deeper feel to the creations. So let’s have a look at some of the possible spring colors that you can work around with.

1. Sunshine yellow

It is considered a color of hope. The color yellow projects happiness, warmth, a sense of sheer likability, and enthusiasm. It greatly impacts the psyche when someone sees it or even wears it. 

Being a pretty warm color, it can be paired well with both dark and neutrals like gray, black, orange, red, green, beige, pastels, etc. It not only makes one think of the warmth of the sun but the playfulness of daffodils and freesias as well. Let this playfulness be well depicted in your work as well.

2. Earthy green

Green, staple to the spring, is all about rejuvenation and newness. After a long winter and autumn, the one color that dominates the entire nature is green. It’s not specific to a particular plant, tree, or flower. Instead, it is everywhere.

It is believed that the color green has a soothing, calming, refreshing, and full-of-life effect when seen once. That’s the reason why any spring color palette is incomplete without a shade of green. Whether dark or light, pale or vibrant, green has to be a shade you need to include in your beading creations.

3. Pumpkin orange

This earthy color tone has a tad chic and a rather resplendent amber-brown undertone to it. This makes it a great choice for the spring color palette. It not only brings a sense of contrast when paired with other colors but is also royal and noble in its high-end vibe. This gingery color exudes warmth and confidence while still being sophisticated and elegant in its own way!

4. Cherry red

It’s not just the roses that make one fall with the color red. It is the color’s grace and vivaciousness that induces a sense of fieriness, dominance, glory, and royalty. It acts as a perfect color-blocking hue when paired with pastels or neutrals. 

Yet another bright color in the spring color palette, red, helps with enhanced confidence and power when seen and worn. There’s no doubt that red is not meant for all! You need to feel confident to pull off the color well.

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5. Subtlety with white

Though a color of the winters, this pure and innocence-invoking color gives a sense of cleanliness and hygiene if incorporated well. White also stands for peace and harmony. So, if your work is a reflection of any of these, white or its various shades have to be a part of your spring color palette.

6. Royal lavender

Being a mix of the calming blue and fiery red, purple is considered a color of the royals. It might not be seen much during the spring, but you can do justice to it! Purple brings a sense of opulence and has a calming effect, just like the green. If used well, it can help achieve a dreamy and flowy, yet soothing and futuristic appeal. Make your pieces distinct and stand out with a color not experimented with much when constructing jewelry.

7. Pinky pink

Often associated with feminism, pink and its bold counterpart, magenta have emerged as genderless colors in the 21st century. This go-getter hue has a more conversational and wacky aesthetic to it making it more eye-appealing and attractive. One can go as creative as possible with this color. Using multiple shades of it can help convey different meanings. Like the lighter shades of it can make the person look and feel shy and introverted. While the darker and more vibrant shades can help radiate confidence and boldness.

Choose what you want to convey with the designs and let it all out.

8. Sky blue

The color of the sky, blue has a more calming effect. But with its navy blue counterpart looks and feels royal at the same time. Turquoise, having a bluish-green color, gives more structure and flow to the pieces. The entire range of colors belonging to blue makes one feel more connected to nature and free just the way birds are in the sky or fishes are in the water.

Note: Whatever colors you choose to go with, ensure that they blend with each other well. Every color combination should complement each other to stand out and also to make a statement. Try getting out of your comfort zone and experiment with colors that you have never worked with before. 

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So now you must have understood how different colors play with one’s mind and psyche. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be good to go. Venetian Bead Shop has a range of colored beads to choose from. Go and grab some for yourself!

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